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What's included:


Course Material — 5 modules comprising 50 lessons of practical instruction for you and your executive team, via video and downloadable PDFs. Available on your schedule, wherever you are.

Coaching & Consultation — A series of 4 live calls with your cohort to address questions AND one 1:1 with Banks, the leading expert in 4-day workweek implementation.

Community — Access to the Smart Workweek Community™, which will include both your cohort and other executives who have completed the program.

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What we'll cover:

  • Design and structure a 4-day workweek pilot for your company
  • Establish metrics and evaluate the success of the Pilot
  • Build a Pilot timeline and roll-out strategy
  • Proactively communicate to external stakeholders (clients, partners, investors, etc.)
  • Announce the Pilot to (and get buy-in from) your staff so they’re bought in
  • Optimize your workweek
  • Evaluate the Pilot results and make a decision about keeping the 4-day workweek
  • Maintain 4-day workweek fitness for the long-term
  • How to restructure your workweek
    • How to prioritize and de-prioritize
    • How to lead efficient, focused meetings
    • How to draw boundaries and set expectations
    • How to limit technology distractions
    • How to manage and support your staff
    • How to build organizational culture
  • Navigate the legal, HR, and other administrative dimensions of the Pilot
  • Install weekly and monthly systems during the Pilot that allows you and your team to course-correct along the way

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“Banks helped me to understand that … a 4-day workweek is not the insurmountable challenge I feared it might be.”

— Kerala, Business Owner


“Banks is the leader you want close by your side as you design and roll out… the 4-day workweek.”

— Kyle, Agency Co-Founder


“Having experienced a successful transition to a 4-day workweek, I'm forever grateful to Banks for outlining the many considerations, human and otherwise, to make it easy. ”

— Joe, Uncharted Employee

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